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Hi, and welcome to our photos page, on this page, we hope to have our hirers' cool holiday shots, and just boats that are cool in general. If you have some boating shots you would like to share with our web visitors, please e-mail us and we will add them to the site promptly.

If you have a favourite holiday spot that is great for boating, we can include it here too. We can even add a link under the photo to link to your webpage if you would like. Boating clubs are welcome to add their websites too. If you are a competing boat hire firm, we also welcome you, and would be happy to add your links on our pages, we only have four boats, and that is sometimes not enough !. We aim to help our customers into a good boat, even if we are fully booked here.

We are grateful to our kind hirers who have graciously allowed us to reprint thier holiday photos here so you can see our boats in action.

Please contact us to book a space

Great Things about Hiring a Boat

No maintenance or insurance worries
No Storage worries
No deprecation worries or guilt if you don't use it for some weeks
Use your money that's normally tied up in a boat to buy the new car or whatever
With our rental boats, the fun starts here!!!

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