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Click here for Larger mapHi, Are you keen on buying your first boat and want to get a bit of experience of driving one first?

We are organising a number of test days, for those wanting to try driving a small boat, and these will be conducted free at Diamond harbour. As we expect many people, tries will be limited to 15 min per person with three persons to a boat.

We expect there to be 20 people going out during the day over a period of 8 hours, with a break for lunch around 1 pm of 1 hour. The day will be open from 9.30 am to about 5.30 pm except during lunch. Bring your own lunch.

Longer tries may be organised at a later date with those who want to try more.

The main reason for these days is to help pay back the kind people who taught us, and did so freely, thanks guys! we are glad to do the same for others too.

While safety is our first aim, we remind people that by coming aboard, you accept all risk as boating is not without risk, and care and common sense is a prerequisite for any boating. We cannot guarantee your safety, and it is a condition of coming aboard that you release us from liability, a form will need to be signed.

Persons under 18 are required to have parents or guardians present and or have their parent's or guardian's signed permission on the liability waiver. Sorry, younger persons, but minimum age, due to height requirements, is approx 12 years of age.

Please contact us to book a space

Great Things about Hiring a Boat

No maintenance or insurance worries
No Storage worries
No deprecation worries or guilt if you don't use it for some weeks
Use your money that's normally tied up in a boat to buy the new car or whatever
With our rental boats, the fun starts here!!!

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